Bag Your Touchscreen Phone For Ski Field Toughness

Touchscreen phones plus bad weather can be a dangerous combination. Lifehacker reader Matt offers a simple hint for using an iPhone or other touch screen device while skiing.

Matt writes:

We're up at Mt Hotham for a week and my dad showed me a great trick. An iPhone inside a Glad Bag becomes perfectly waterproof but also perfectly usable!

That approach certainly worked OK with an iPod touch and HTC Evo I had sitting around. Got your own tactics for bad-weather gadget access? Share them in the comments. Thanks Matt!


    You have an HTC Evo? How on earth does it work here in Aus?

      Not at all as a phone, but it's a good Wi-Fi Android mini-tablet


    I soooo do this all the time.. for riding, just in case it rains, and when I am painting. Spray paint and iphone don't...well they mix too well actually.

    Hmm - now to work out how to get a weatherproofed seal into it to get my headphonbes through and I'm set ... sounds like an experiment for this weekend.

    I discovered this last year when I was up at the snow. Absolutely brilliant. Waterproof and usable.

    Now I just need to work out a way of using it without having to take my gloves off.

      Just add conductive thread:

    Also handy for camping (kids + walkytalky + snackfood) and fishing (smelly bait fingers on iPhone, no way).

    Regarding the headphones, I used to have an ipod in a plastic sandwich bag (cheaper than ziplock) and knot the top with the headphones poking out. No good if I'm fully dunked, but great for the usual splashing and damp packets. Should be similarly effective in the snow, unless it is a rainy day at Bulla or BawBaw.


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