AutoRotate Switch Toggles Screen Rotation On Your Android Phone

Android: If you frequently read on your phone while sitting or laying in odd positions, you might find the automatic screen rotation frustrating if you'd prefer to read in portrait mode all the time. Here's how to fix that.

AutoRotate Switch is a tiny application that adds a simple shortcut icon which you can use to toggle the automatic rotation on or off whenever you feel like it — and since it runs as a shortcut instead of a widget, it won't be sitting in the background wasting any memory. It's a useful, tiny application that might come in handy.

AutoRotate Switch is free and works wherever Android does. Click on the QR code at right to download it directly to your phone or search for "AutoRotate Switch" in the Android Marketplace. Have a great app to share? Let's hear about it in the comments.

AutoRotate Switch [AppBrain via How-To Geek]


    Is there a way to force landscape mode? When reading in bed I, switch off autorotate, but am then forced in portrait mode, sometimes I want it in landscape instead...

    Thanks for putting the QR code in the post, instead of making us click through.

    I've made an alternative app that addresses this problem. My one lets you manually recalibrate auto rotation as needed so that you can use auto rotation regardless of whether you're lying down or upright.

    You can get it on the Google Play store:

    I'm still working on it, so feel free to give any suggestions or feedback to make it better.

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