Audiogalaxy Makes Streaming Music From Your PC Dead Simple

Windows/Mac, iPhone/iOS: Want to stream music from your main stash to an iPhone, Android phone or any browser? Audiogalaxy, once a Napster-like peer-to-peer service, seems reborn as a straight-up service for streaming your own music, and it's brazenly easy to set up.

Head to, sign in with a username and password (or, even easier, through Facebook), then download software for your PC or Mac. All the software really does is find your music files, but you can click on the Audiogalaxy agent in your system try to point out exactly which tunes you'd like to stream. If you want iPhone or Android access, download those free apps through your Store/Market, or click the appropriate icon on the Audiogalaxy page.

With the software installed, you're instantly ready to stream tracks through the Audiogalaxy player online or through your phone. Create playlists, shuffle your entire collection, pick out particular albums or artists, and if you'd like, have those playlists sync back through your iTunes library. It took me literally five minutes to get Audiogalaxy up and running from my main PC laptop to an Android phone, a MacBook and even a Chrome Incognito browser, just for the heck of it.

Audiogalaxy is free to use, and there are no apparent limits on collection size, though the service only supports DRM-free MP3s and AAC files. There's an Audiogalaxy Gold that provides a vague "unlimited access to your music on ALL your devices". Thanks for the tip hengehog!

Update: Audiogalaxy is limiting the number of users during what was supposed to be a quiet launch. More sign-ups opportunities should be available in the near future.



    there is another program that also does the same thing called subsonic.
    its available for iphone, android and just about every operating system, even ones ive never heard of.
    its made by one guy alone.
    plus its free

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