Ask Lifehacker: Can I Read PDFs Using Kindle For Android?

Dear Lifehacker, I love using the Kindle app on my Android phone, and I want to be able to convert PDFs and read them in the Kindle app. Do you know of any way that this can be done? I've seen many websites detailing instructions on converting PDFs for the Kindle device, but not the Kindle app. Any ideas? Thanks, Stuart

Dear Stuart,

While Kindle's Android reader is pretty well-regarded, there doesn't seem to be an obvious way to solve this particular problem in exactly the way you want. Owners of the Kindle device can access PDF files via email, but that doesn't seem to be an option for Kindle app users. (We're not armed with an Android phone right now, so if any readers know differently, do tell us in the comments.)

That said, there's no shortage of ways to deal with PDFs on the Android platform. Adobe's own PDF reader does a pretty decent job, and if you don't mind spending a little on an app, RepliGoReader is highly regarded amongst the Lifehacker crew. We've detailed before how you can convert PDF files into ePub format for use on a wider range of readers, and if conversion seems like a hassle, Google itself offers a wide range of books in Android-friendly format.

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    Hmm on my Milestone Kindle doesnt seem to have an option to open PDF files.

    However, PDF files open in QuickOffice by default.

      Convert using Calibre:

      Use to convert your pdf files to MOBI format and paste the file into ur kindle folder of ur sd card. Restart Kindle. Hope it helps.

    As Johnd says, Calibre is the tried-and-true converter that is very regularly updated. A new converter on the block that's causing a stir - it does ebooks too - is
    It's worth a try too.

    Angus, You've mixed your links with convert to epub and Adobe reader.

      D'oh! Will fix when I'm back at PC, thanks for the spot.

    I've tried and compared mobipocket, calibre, autokindle..
    I think calibre is the best converter so far..

    I'm looking for a solution to read .mobi files using kindle for android too..
    I've put the mobi file in the kindle directory and the app crashes when it syncs with Amazon but it works well when I off my wifi and stop the sync..

    I've tried the kindle for iPhone too and it works perfectly when I ssh or put a .mobi file in the kindle directory (this requires jailbreaking of course!)

    So any solutions for kindle for android for this to work well?

    In version 3.3 Kindle is announced to support reading PDFs. Bot it's not finding them automatically, and I haven't figured a way to make it find them. Any ideas?

      see "opening pdf documents"

    I found that copying and pasting the file into /sdcard/kindle made it appear in the kindle library

      This solution worked for me! Thank you so much!

    If the PDF file does not have an app associated for viewing by default, at the time of trying to access the PDF file from any of the file manager, android will throw up a list of applications for the PDF file you are trying to view. This will thus give you the option to view the file through the Amazon Kindle app.

    Thanks Bobby. Excellent advice! Worked! Am yet unable to locate the " Send to kindle" button so that i can automatically upload the PDF on my tablet to my kindle device!

    The easiest way to covert your file to a kindle file is to email it to your kindle email.

    Attach your pdf to an email and type 'covert' into the subject line.

    On the current version of the Kindle app (for Android) it's as easy as downloading it onto your device, then moving it into the "kindle" folder on your device. The .pdf will show up in your app and will even save your place in the pdf.

    its unfortunate because on ipod or ipad you just press and hold and then select "open in kindle" and bam!... why can't android make it that easy? grr.

    Viewing PDF file in the Kindle of Android is slow and freezes sometimes.
    To have it like the other Ebooks in the Kindle, Do this:
    Use one of the online sites and convert the PDF to MOBI.
    Then upload it to the SDcard/Kindle
    and VIOLA
    IT worked for me. Good Luck to Rest!

      I was able to send downloaded pdf's to my kindle app on a nexus 10 by clicking on the download app/button then clicking on (only) one PDF at a time I then clicked the "Link/network" button, (its the symbol Google uses when you want to send/share file etc) it was in the upper right hand corner, when that popped up there was an option to send to kindle. (Email and Bluetooth were options too)

    The easy-peesy way, connect your device to your puter. copy paste the pdf (ebook) file into the kindle folder of the devise. open kindle app. works for me every time:

    win 7
    3 different android tablets

    Yes, it is a good feature that we can read external pdf files in amazon kindle android app.

    Q: How ?
    A: Send a mail from your registered email address (@ amazon) to
    with the PDF files attached.
    Keep the subject as “convert” which converts the pdfs into amazon format at lets you read there.

    Example: my email address is [email protected]
    I want to read xyz.pdf in amazon kindle app.

    So, I sent a mail from “[email protected]” to “[email protected]” with the attached document “xyz.pdf” where the subject is “convert”.

    I can see the xyz.pdf in amazon kindle app, just clicked on it to download the converted format.

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