Apple Free iPhone 4 Bumper Offer On Australian Site

This likely has been in place for a while, but reader Robert points out that Apple's free bumper program for users fearing iPhone 4 reception problems is now officially on the Apple Australia web site. Customers who have purchased an iPhone 4 can apply for a free bumper via a downloaded application, which they need to do by September 30.

The general consensus seems to have been that iPhone 4 reception issues haven't been a major issue for Australian buyers, given that unlike the US the load of new users is spread across several networks. The fact that Apple's reception-measuring patch was in place prior to launch may have also helped; hence, we haven't revisited the topic since iPhone 4 launch day. Even so, if you have bought an iPhone 4, it's worth getting the free bumper to help minimise any potential antenna issues. Thanks Robert!



    Only problem is just how long it is going to take to receive them:

    Order Date: 16/08/2010
    Ships: 29/09/2010
    Delivers: 01/10/2010

      Ouch! That sucks. I placed my order a week before you did and i'm getting it in around 2 weeks time.

      Order Date: 08/08/2010
      Ships: 30/08/2010
      Delivers: 03/09/2010

      Apple is really taking it's time delivering it. I still think that an apple retail store is the best bet to get your hands on them earlier. They do run out of stock almost every day, but if ur patient and lucky enough you might be able to buy one earlier.

    It'd be nice to actually get my phone first...

    I've bought I nice case online, just waiting for the iphone. Will probably get the bumper free and sell it

    its been there since ages, I ordered mine o 2nd Aug and will be delivered by the second week ok September...Geese!!

      Six weeks to deliver a case is not exactly speedy.

    This has been available for a while. The app was available the day the phone was released, I downloaded it then and ordered my bumper.

    Order Date: 30/07/2010
    Ships: 06/09/2010
    Delivers: 08/09/2010

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