Aldi Has Cheap HD Set Top Box Tomorrow

The run of Aldi tech bargains continues: from tomorrow, there's a basic HD set-top box (with USB output for recording) on sale for $69. Just the thing for that relative who can't get ABC News 24 otherwise. [Aldi via OzBargain]


    I wouldn't trust the set top box as far as I could throw it. Kogan have a similar product for a little bit more and it supports the full Freeview EPG which makes for a better PVR experience.

      freeview is a con, please do not support it.

        I know freeview is a con and its sad that the Australian government followed the UK's lead and not America's. But if its what you have to do to get the TV Guide that makes a PVR what a PVR is then its a premium you pay. Just like if you want a mobile phone that works more places you get a telstra. an undisputed fact is that they have more coverage in regional areas and you pay a premium if you want/need that service.

    Excuse my ignorance, but how much are they usually?

    So these are available in Aldi bricks and Mortar stores only?

    They don't even exist in South Australia! Anyone seen any comparable deals?

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