AdFree Blocks Ads On Your Rooted Android Phone

AdFree Blocks Ads On Your Rooted Android Phone

Despite their necessity, blocking ads is something we all need to do sometimes. AdFree is a simple, one-touch ad blocker for your rooted Android phone.

Blocking ads on your PC is useful, because it keeps them from hogging bandwidth and other resources. On a phone, this is even more important, since you only have a limited amount of resources at your disposal. If you’ve rooted your Android device (and most of you have), AdFree will get rid of those pesky ads for you with minimal setup.

All you need to do is download it from the Market, open it up and hit the “Download & Install Hosts” button at the top of the screen. There are a few options for more advanced tweaking, but most people won’t have to edit any settings to get it working. Note that it actually blocks the ads from downloading; it doesn’t just hide them — so it actually is conserving resources (unlike some ad blockers).

Also note that this blocks ads in apps as well as your browser. We wish there was a way to specify in which apps to block ads, since we want to support app developers that release their apps for free — but unfortunately there is no such option yet. As always, while we understand the need for ad blocking, consider supporting the developers and sites that you like in any way you can (i.e. if there is a donate version of an app you like, consider paying for it if you have this ad blocker turned on).

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