Add 'At' To Your Google Search For Site-Specific Searches

We've shown you how to search for pages on a specific domain before, but today Google rolled out an algorithm change that allows you to search a specific site, like Lifehacker, just by adding at lifehacker to the end of your query.

While the site: operator was pretty useful (i.e. to search for Google Chrome articles at Lifehacker, one would search google chrome), it's tedious to type out, and it's only well known among Google ninjas. Today's change, while it doesn't yet seem as accurate as the old method, is an easy, intuitive way to search a specific domain.

For example, you'll see that a Google search of google voice at lifehacker yields results from Lifehacker almost exclusively. It isn't perfect — windows 7 at lifehacker yields quite a few non-Lifehacker pages, for example — but it does a pretty good job of finding more pages at that domain than it did before. Hit the link to read more.

Showing more results from a domain [Google Webmaster Central Blog]


    Try it without the "at".
    I think you'll find that you get the same result.

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