Yahoo Releases Mail, Messenger, Search Apps For Android

Android: Arguably one of the best parts about Google's Android OS is the native Gmail app, with all of Gmail's unique features. Now Yahoo users can get the same experience on Android, with native Mail and Messenger apps plus a search widget.

The apps actually do a pretty good job of integrating with the Android OS, while also keeping all your Yahoo data available. The Mail app, for example, accesses data from both your Yahoo address book and the phone's native address book. You can also get push notifications for new messages, view and download attachments, and upload photos directly from Android's gallery app. The messenger app also has push notifications, as well as the ability to fully run in the background. The suite even includes a form of fast app switching, allowing you to move from the Mail app to the Messenger app without going back to the home screen. If you're an Android user who's still pretty invested in Yahoo's email and instant messaging services, it's a pretty great package.

Yahoo apps are all free downloads for the Android platform.

Yahoo Apps for Android [via Phandroid]


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