Windfall Planner Worksheet Stops You From Spending Unexpected Income

When you pick up an unexpected burst of cash, it is far too easy to watch it drain through the sieve of your savings account. Set up a Windfall Planner Worksheet for future lump sums, and you'll lock down your regrets.

The Squawkfox blog's PDF worksheet requires a bit of planning to set up for the first time, but since it's percentage based, you can round things off fairly easily. How much do you need to set aside for upcoming major expenses? What can you spare to set aside to save for an extra mortgage payment? Set up the percentages in the worksheet, then when a lump of cash arrives, run the amount down the worksheet, and you'll end up with the dollar amounts you need to extract before taking your newly plump liquid cash to the store.

What kinds of expenses do you try to set money aside for when it comes in unexpectedly?

Don't blow your dough! Use the Windfall Planner Worksheet [Squawkfox]


    Nice timing on this one, with tax returns coming up :-)

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