When Android 2.2 Will Hit Your Phone In Australia

When Android 2.2 Will Hit Your Phone In Australia

Android 2.2 (aka Froyo) has plenty of great features, but with existing Android phones in Australia running on a wide range of versions, finding out when (or if) you’ll get an upgrade can be tricky. Fortunately, Jenna Pitcher at Delimiter has a pretty comprehensive roundup of when 2.2 will be distributed by Australian carriers.

The short answer turns out to be: Nexus One owners can expect an over-the-air update from Vodafone in July, HTC owners will get an update eventually but the company won’t say more than “Q3”, and Sony Ericsson and Samsung owners are getting no love at all. Hit the link for the full rundown, and tell us whether Froyo matters to you in the comments.

When will Froyo hit Australia? The complete list [Delimiter]


  • I’m with Optus and I got an OTA update on my Nexus One on the weekend. It was a nice suprise to wake up to, although I had been manually installing each “leaked” Froyo release up to then anyway.

  • Samsung Galaxy i7500 users get shafted again. That’s what I get for being an early adopter, a 2 year contract I can’t leave with a phone I don’t want.

    • I installed ‘Galaxo’ on my i7500 and it feels like a new phone. Its now overclocked to 613Mhz (from 520Mhz), uses a class 6 SD card as virtual RAM, has a whole lot of background trickery keeping things much snappier than stock and on top of all that my battery life has INCREASED by something nearing 20%.

      Samsung might not be giving us i7500 owners any love, but Drakaz (twitter.com/drakaz) sure is.

    • /console Peter Hardy

      On the flip side, you did buy Motorola, not sure why you are surprised O.o

      @ Dave Lord – At least you blamed the right people here, it’s definitely Vodafone you should be unhappy with.

  • Still waiting for Vodafone to update HTC Magic from 1.6. What upsets me most is that they refuse to answer whether or not we will get any update….. ever. At least if they said we will never get it, then we can make future plans. Their website says, and I quote “In addition, the Vodafone exclusive device comes with Firmware Over-the-Air software which automatically updates handsets with the latest Android software, ensuring our customers always enjoy the best possible user experience.”
    In my bible, that is called a LIE! So go to hell, Vodafone!

    • From my understanding, that phone is not powerful enough to run anything above 1.6. This is a problem I believe is going to be worked on, so then other phones aren’t left behind. For example, a ‘core’ OS and then all the addons and software optional downloads… eg. Google Earth.

      It’s the same for my old G1, lucky I upgraded to a Nexus One… Yay for froyo.

      • Although the Magic was promised an update by HTC & also Rogers in Canadia, it’s been a long time coming. I seriously doubt the Voda Magic will get the update since it has less ram than the normal one.

        Which is one reason why I got an HTC Legend instead, not so fussed about the upgrade to Froyo personally and I knew when I bought the thing that I wouldn’t get it for ages. I figure if the update isn’t out in six months, I’ll get a new phone.

        Of all the problems with “Fragmentation” that Android has, I’d still rather it than Apple. And at least HTC know how to make an antenna. 🙂

      • I’ve got 2.2 running on my HTC Magic 32A (The 3 one, not the vodafone one) and it’s working great.
        There are certainly working ROMs for the 32B (Vodafone version) on XDA if you want to upgrade manually. It’s a piece of cake with the Magic since you don’t need to root it first.

    • Dave
      I agree whole heartedly cynically one may think V is trying to get you to buy a new one
      If your in brisbane there is a guy who will update you for $25 look in Gumtree

  • That is an advantage to the iphone, no need to buy a new phone to get the new software.

    I know the 3g wont run the full iOS 4, but peoples 2 year contracts will be expiring and will be getting new phones.

  • I am new to android phones and have the Samsung galaxy S with 2.1 OS installed. Can you tell me if Samsung will inform me that an update is availble to 2.2 FROYO or do I just have to keep reading sites such as this?
    I have Kies by Samsung and it says I have the latest OS installed but it is 2.1 according to the data on the phone.

    Can anyone shed some light on this for me

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