WhatFontIs Identifies Fonts In Images, Filters Results By Cost

Trying to figure out what font was used in an image or on a website can be quite tedious. WhatFontIs not only scans your sample for matches but it also displays both free and commercial matching fonts for download.

Visit WhatFontIs, upload an image and specify if you want to see free, commercial or a mixture of matching fonts. WhatTheFontIs scans your image, prompts you to help decipher characters it is having trouble with — and then shows you a list of matching and near-matching fonts.

For more font matching services make sure to check out WhatTheFont and Indentifont. Have a favourite identification tool, font-related or otherwise? Let's hear about it in the comments.

WhatFontIs [via MakeUseOf]


    Did you mean WhatFontIs, rather than WhatTheFontIs?

    I often use 'What the Font'

    Also use Identifont, which asks a bunch of questions about the font and gives you a selection of answers.

    Thanks for suggesting this site. I sometime find that WhatTheFont cannot identify the font I'm looking for so the more sites I can try the better.

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