What’s The Deal With Free iPhone 4 Cases In Australia?

What’s The Deal With Free iPhone 4 Cases In Australia?

Apple promised every iPhone 4 customer a free case to deal with any potential reception issues, but as the Australian rollout this Friday draws closer, the mechanics of that process still aren’t clear — unless you happen to be an Optus customer.

As I write this, Apple hasn’t yet said whether it will follow the same model as it has in the US of getting users to download an app to order their free replacement. That would be consistent, but offering a free case at the point of purchase would arguably be simpler, since (unlike the US) the phone has only gone on sale after the arrangement was announced.

The one bit of concrete information right now is that Optus is offering a free case for anyone who buys an iPhone 4 through its stores or website. The fact that Optus is making a point of announcing that perhaps suggests that it won’t otherwise be a standard inclusion but, as with so many iPhone-related details, it seems we won’t know until close to launch.


  • Close to launch? How much closer can we get?

    I don’t remember info being this thin on the ground last year – I have a creeping feeling that the Telcos know just how little stock there is going to be available in the first couple of weeks, resulting in the half-baked releases we are seeing.

      • Awesome rationalisation there! Apple needs more apologists like you, as no-one seems to stick up for them or defend them for all the mistakes they make that other companies get smashed for.

    • I think it’s quite obvious how jobs was talking that they will begin manufacturing revised iPhones perhaps with a non conductive coating on the antenna/frame, as soon as possible but with the massive rollout currently being manufactured with the issue, they don’t want to recall the unsold phones because that means the 3+ million already sold would eventually be recalled too simply by complaints of fairness as those customers were not aware of the problem. I think you will find a revised possibly renamed version of the iPhone 4 end of September, perhaps iPhone 4+ to disassociate it with the first batches, allowing them to sell off the affected rollout.
      Why else would jobs put a band-aid on it and take till September to think about whether to do anything about it properly. They want you to buy them thinking everyone is in the same boat.

  • I’ve compared a 3GS to a 4G, to a HTC Desire on Optus and the Desire wins out on signal strength (before anyone asks, I’m no Android fanboy!).

    I really do wish the 4G was better, but it’s just like putting lipstick on a pig and dressing it up in a nice black cocktail dress 😉

    • It’s the iPhone 4, not 4G, there are no 4G phones in Australia and won’t be for at least another year (such as the HTC Evo 4G), but more likely 2 or 3 years. How did you compare these 3 phones on the Optus network, HTC Desire isn’t an Optus phone (granted you could put an Optus SIM card in it) and the iPhone 4 isn’t released yet, especially on the Optus network. You have no idea.

  • Optus is simply getting the bumper cases, and bundling them in with the phone before you get it.

    Also, they’re being absolute bitchcakes – All of their authorised distributors, they’ve turned around and said “Hey, If you don’t give all the iphone 4’s you have for your customers over to our customers who pre-registered, something we never told you about, then there will be dire consequences” and the Distributors can’t do shit about it, because it’s a choice of make their customers wait, or be good to their customers and deliver as promised, and lose a heap of business that they were getting by being an optus reseller.

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