What Do You Rent Rather Than Buy?

What Do You Rent Rather Than Buy?

As with homes, it’s often more practical and economical to rent expensive items rather than buy. Finance blog Budgets Are Sexy highlights four items they’re convinced you should rent rather than buy, but it also got us wondering: When do you rent?

The four things Budgets Are Sexy doesn’t think you should pony up to own: power tools, evening gowns and school formal dresses, textbooks and caskets. (They do offer exceptions for when they think buying is worth it.) In regards to caskets:

The average price of a casket alone is $US2,000 and can run upwards of $US10,000 for a really nice one. Rather than spending that kind of money, rent a casket for the service at a few hundred bucks and later transfer the departed into something more economical for burial. They’re not going to know the difference, anyway.

We wouldn't be surprised if a lot of you disagree, but it's the question that piqued our interest. Let's hear what items you rent rather than buy in the comments. Photo by csc4u.

Rent vs. Buy: Tools, Textbooks, Caskets? [Budgets Are Sexy via Consumerist]


  • After many years of being dead, I can recommend splashing out on the full expensive casket to keep. This cheap pine one gives me splinters every time there’s a heavy rain and the earth settles a bit and I rub my elbow on the side.

    • Fellow dead subscriber here. Salam I think we might be neighbors. I often hear the guy buried in the next grave over comment ‘oww! my elbow’. But could be coincidence.

  • Sometimes due to cost we are forced to rent when we would love to buy something.

    I am into photography and there is one lens (Canon 100-400mm L) I have rented for a long weekend and would love to buy. Only problem is that it costs between $2000-$2500.

    Compared to renting it for $150 for a weekend, the rental option is much cheaper.

  • I have to second the camera lens as a very worthwhile rent not buy option. A good fast lens can set you back a few thousand dollars, and if you’re not making big money from your photo shoot it’s not a worthwhile investment, at least when starting out.

    I was able to rent a lens for $90 for the last long weekend, I effectively had it from Friday night to Tues and it was well worth it.

    Sure down the track if my photography makes more money then owning the lens may be the way to go, but that’s a long way off.

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