Use Scotch Tape Or Nail Polish To Relieve An Itchy Mosquito Bite

You're guaranteed to get mosquito bites in summer, no matter how diligent you are. If the itching is more than you can stand and you don't have itch cream on hand, check your drawers for nail polish or Scotch tape.

Earlier today, reader Michael McElrath wrote in to sing the praises of Scotch tape as a mosquito bite itch reliever. We've heard in the past that both Scotch tape and nail polish can work wonders to relieve an itchy bug bite, and while we've still been unable to find any solid non-anecdotal evidence as to why. The predominant theory seems to be that sealing the bite off from the air can make a big difference.

If that's the case, a solid coat of nail polish is probably the better option if you've got a choice. But if you can drop a little science or just more anecdotal claims on this (or refute it completely), let's hear your expertise in the comments. Photo by James Jordan.


    I just spray the itching area point-blank for a second or so with my aerosol-based deodorant. If the deodorant has aluminium as one of the ingredients, it will combat the itch.

      At least your bite will smell good!

    It's the Alum Sulfate that acts as an 'anti-histamine'. Toothpaste does the same thing.

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