Use Lifesavers To Keep Candle Wax Off Cakes

Use Lifesavers To Keep Candle Wax Off Cakes

While a splash of wax on your cake frosting isn’t the end of the world you can easily keep the surface of your cake wax-free with the assistance of Lifesavers lollies.

In the above video the stuff at Howcast, the how-to video site, share a simple trick for keeping cake wax-free. When you are setting up the candles on the cake place the candle firmly through the centre of a hard and round lolly like a Lifesaver. Any wax that drips down the side will harden on the surface of the candy and not across the surface of your cake.

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How-To Keep Birthday Candles from Dripping Wax on Your Cakes [The How-To Gal via Simple Productivity Blog]

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