Android's Voice-Activated Search Is an Awesome Calculator, Conversion Tool

Having Google voice search at the ready is a pretty neat feature of Android phones, but reader Michael Crider shares a tip with us that we didn't think about before — it also means you have Google's calculator available via voice activation.

Google's ability to discern a calculation you want done, whether it's a simple equation or a conversion of units of measurement, is really handy to have. However, it never occurred to us that coupled with Android, you have a voice-activated calculator and unit converter right at your fingertips. Just hit the voice search button as you normally would, and say "two plus two" or "32 degrees farenheit to celsius" and Google will bring up the search results page as usual, with the answer to your problem right at the top. Check out the video for a few examples, and share your favourite voice searching tips in the comments.


    I'd get a Nexus One just for this feature!

    Super cool.

      U don't need a Nexus One. Any Android phone is smart enough to perform this action and I can do it with my Milestone. Cheers.

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