Use Aeroplane Mode To Save Mobile Phone Battery Life In No-Signal Areas

Use Aeroplane Mode To Save Mobile Phone Battery Life In No-Signal Areas

Your mobile phone burns up battery life when it spends extended periods of time searching for signals. When you’re in an area where you won’t be getting a signal — library basement, tunnels, rural highways — aeroplane mode can help save your juice.

Lifehacker reader Balders2 was tired of his Droid using up significant chunks of battery life when he was in no-signal areas for extended periods of time. His solution is free, easy and a great way to lengthen your time between recharges:

Photo by MarinaAvila.

Switch your phone to aeroplane mode when you can’t get a signal and save battery life.

I find that my Droid eats a lot of battery when it is searching for a signal. If I know I am in a place where I can’t get a signal (i.e. parking garage, subway, etc). I switch it to aeroplane mode to save the battery.

Aeroplane mode, for the unfamiliar, temporarily kills all the radios in your phone — like the mobile and Bluetooth radios — for safe use aboard an aircraft. Since active radios are the one of the biggest power sinks on a phone and a phone that can’t find a signal will keep firing up the radio to search for one, aeroplane mode has a huge potential to save your battery life next time you’re in a no-signal zone.

Have your own tricks for extending battery life on your mobile phone? Let’s hear about it in the comments. Thanks Balders2!


  • Living in a rural area where there is no mobile signal I learnt this trick a long time ago. It was made very clear thanks to Android’s “what’s eating my battery” feature. When I’m at home my phone is in airplane mode but with the wifi enabled, the battery lasts about 3 days in this mode – it’s quite astounding how much power a hunting gsm chip uses (if I forget to put the phone into plane mode after getting home it’ll be flat in 6 hours)

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