Use A Salt Wash To Revitalise An Old Rug

You can find great rugs at estate sales but they're often quite dingy. Freshen up an old rug with a simple salt wash to brighten colours and get rid of grime.

Photo by Back Garage.

DIY blog DIYLife has a great tip for getting an old rug clean without sending it off for an expensive professional cleaning. You'll need hot water, salt, a bucket, rags and a little bit of time to give your rug a good hand-washing. Mix up equal parts hot water and salt, dampen a rag with the mixture and gently scrub the rug with the damp rag. For a large rug it's a time-consuming process, but it's nearly free and radically cheaper than having a pro do it.

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The Daily Fix: Brighten Faded Carpets and Rugs [DIYLife via Re-Nest]


    anoter GREAT tip which my mum uses, is....

    remember that old SOLVOL soap? the grey soap with the grit, red papery shiny individually wrapped?

    1. get the rug on something large, trampoline is great, you don't wanna have your rug on grass
    2. with the hose, wet the whole rug
    3. have an old ice cream container wtih warm water, and rub your rug with the SOLVOL soap.
    dip it in water when you need to.
    4. rinse the rug out with the hose.

    check your local council for water restrictions, but it should be ok.

    with 2 little brothers, and a black rug (from dirt, grease, mud, coca cola) all the whites have gone a pure white again! the rug looks amazing, we do it once a year, and it takes a few hours.

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