Try Deleting Texts For Better iOS4 Performance On iPhone 3G

Try Deleting Texts For Better iOS4 Performance On iPhone 3G

We’ve already pointed to disabling Spotlight and hard resetsas ways of improving the sometimes sluggish performance of iOS4 on older iPhones. Lifehacker reader Daniel has another suggestion: get rid of excess text messages.

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Daniel wrote:

I am part of the crowd that still has an iPhone 3G with iOS4 loaded onto it. I have, like everyone else noticed significant performance decrease since the update. I have tried many fixes, but the one I have found that helps the most is deleting text message conversations. I am not sure why, but it definitely has helped keep me sane while I wait for the iPhone 4 upgrade.

While not everyone who has upgraded has experienced performance issues, they certainly seem common enough — and varied enough — to make any potential improvement worth trying. If the whole experience becomes too painful, check our full guide to downgrading from iOS4 back to 3.1.3. Thanks Daniel!


  • My wife has a iPhone 3GS 16gb, and she complains of sluggishness – and slower downloads on websites and FB app…

    I might need to roll it back for her. Disappointed.

  • I saw an impact and I thought I’d go further. I turned down all the settings for email and everything else that presumably runs as a background process and restarted – things seem to run much closer to iOS 3 now.

    Here’s exactly what I did (not sure which of these made the difference):

    SMS: turned off sms previews

    Email & Accts: turned off email previews, email threading, email images, and reduced shown messages, reduced calendar appt sync

    Phone: cleared all phone call history,

    iPod: turned off lyrics + podcast info, turned off sound check

    Notifications: turned off as many as possible

    Hope this helps 🙂

  • Cheers for posting this Angus.
    I have been doing this since the update came out. Please don’t think that this will bring your phone back to 3.1 speeds, but I has helped keep it running ‘OK’. Doing this as well as the 2 x hard reset occasionally has helped it along.

  • Well the original install of iOS4.0 deleted all my texts anyway, and it was slow from that moment on. I still stand by the double hard reset trick I sent in (courtesy of MacRumors). No idea why that one works (I suggested it was related to paging to the SSD and was resoundingly shot down, so my next suggestion is it clears out fragmented memory or something similar).

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