Top 10 USB Thumb Drive Tricks

Top 10 USB Thumb Drive Tricks

What can you do with a few gigabytes and a USB port? Quite a lot, with the right software. Learn how to encrypt your work, run whole systems, rescue Windows and customise your thumb drive with these USB-geared tricks.

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10. Give Your Drive A Custom Icon




9. Try Out Chrome OS Now

due out until late fallexplained by GinaHexxehOriginal post



8. Browse And Work Securely With DemocraKey

DemocraKey bundle



7. Run An XBMC Media Centre From It

XBMC LiveXBMCbuilding a silent, cheap media centre

6. Save Your Windows System

complete guide to saving your Windows system with a thumb drive

5. Prevent Leaving Your Drive Behind

Flash Drive ReminderOriginal post

4. Install A Portable Windows App Suite

PortableAppsother suites out thereOriginal post

3. Encrypt And Set Your Drive To Self-Destruct In Emergencies

USB SafeguardOriginal post



2. Sync The Files You Need

DropboxSyncBack FreewareSyncToy



1. Keep A Portable Linux OS Handy

rounded up the major thumb drive systemsPuppy LinuxUbuntuuSbuntuUnetbootinUniversal USB InstallerUniversal USBUnetbootinuSbuntu

What’s the most valuable player on your own USB drive? What tools make your thumb drive fit into your workflow? We’re all ears in the comments.


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