Top 10 Tips For Surviving Office Life

Top 10 Tips For Surviving Office Life

The modern office isn’t quite a wretched hive of scum and villainy, but it’s not always pleasant, either. If your workspace, your co-workers,or your sinking feeling of not getting anything done needs fixing, here are 10 possible remedies.

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10. Have Someone Else Do Your Handicapping

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9. Ask Others To Be Creative Without Putting It That Way

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8. Leave Without Burning Bridges

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7. Get Around Or Work Beyond Lame IT Restrictions

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6. Ease Into Small Talk With Anybody

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5. Consider The Realities Of Telecommuting

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4. Crank Out Important Stuff Before Email Does You In

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3. Avoid Email Annoyances And Red Flags

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2. Make Your Physical Space Much Better With Small Changes

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1. Ignore People — Seriously

37Signals leader and

Rework author Jason Fried lays out the case for why so many people are working on nights and weekends — it’s the only time they can actually work. Too many offices have an environment where not immediately responding to an IM, an email or an just-over-the-cubicle “Got a minute?” is seen as rude or un-team-like. Fried suggests creating a culture, even if it’s just a culture of one, in which work is valued, messages are replied to at sane intervals, and nobody has to do secret day-off work. (Original post)

What’s the best tip or tactic you’ve used to upgrade your day-to-day office life? What attempts at dignity reclaiming have met with hilarious/disastrous results? Get chatty in the comments break room.

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