The TSA's New SecureFlight Program Adds Another Step To Your Travel Checklist

The US Transport Security Administration (TSA) has launched a new program called Secure Flight that aims to better protect you, but as usual it comes with yet another annoying detail to remember when planning you travel.

When booking a flight travelling to, from or within the United States, the TSA will be checking your booking information against your ID or passport. This means the name, address and gender you use to book your flight needs to be identical to that on your identification. With many travel sites retaining your personal data for later bookings, you should start updating your accounts to make things easier when making your travel plans. If your information doesn't match, you could be delayed or denied when you arrive at your airport's security checkpoint.

The advantage of this new program is that you'll know if you're on the no-fly list immediately after trying to book a ticket. The TSA's put together a FAQ and video to help clear up any confusion over these new policies. For most people it won't be too much trouble, but if you don't live at the address on your ID, you'll need to pay closer attention to the address you use when purchasing a ticket.

TSA SecureFlight


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