Testing Qantas' In-Seat Economy Power

In our round-up of how to make the most of in seat power, I wrote that no domestic flights yet offer in-seat power for economy customers. Well, I stand corrected: the very same day that column got published, I flew on a Qantas A330-200 from Perth to Sydney that offered in-seat power even in the cheap seats.

Our captain boasted that the A330-200 was amongst the "first of the next-generation domestic planes" Qantas is rolling out. The on-board entertainment and power systems are clearly based on the A380 options, with the same touch-screen interface. There's fewer choices (no Skycam or on-board SMS) and a slightly simpler flight path math, but you're hardly likely to miss those options even on a cross-country flight.

As with the A380, power outlets are shared between seats. Unlike the A380, the power outlet is located in the seat underneath you, which makes connecting it a tad fiddly. However, that doesn't stop it being useful. The USB port has also been relocated, but its position next to the entertainment screen (rather than the arm-rest) works pretty well.

I'm not sure how long it will be (if ever) before we see A330-200s on shorter haul trips. But they're definitely welcome on the Perth-East Coast route.


    There are already A330-200s in service on the Melbourne to Sydney route, but only once or twice a day.

    V Australia's USB ports in Economy Class and up allow you to watch movies and TV on your USB stick thought their in flight entertainment system.


      Really ? When did they do that ?

      I've flown with them a few times, but only tried video the first time i flew with them (on their 3rd flight, maiden flight of that aircraft, when it still smelt new).

      It didn't play any divx files, though it would only play MP3 files, maybe ill have to try it next time i fly them.

    Yep, I can confirm that the new A330 is going between Melb & Syd. I fly to Syd on Tuesday mornings, and for the last 4 weeks I have been on the A330 (7:30AM QF412).... Although today it was an old A330 that didn't have the in-seat entertainment (or USB).

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