Test Your Password Strength At How Secure Is My Password

How Secure Is My Password is a no-frills password checker that dishes the dirt on your password strength or lack there of.

How Secure Is My Password is a simple site with a singular focus, forcing you to think about the strength of your passwords. Enter any string of characters and it will tell you how long a brute force attack against that password would take using modern computers.

NOTE: For the sake of security, we'd strongly recommend constructing fake passwords for testing purposes rather than using your actual password. Consider the site an interesting exercise about how adding a few characters and symbols to your password can increase its security. You can never be too paranoid about security!

Simple passwords like "Password" are immediately flagged as weak, identified as one of the most 500 common passwords. Plug in something a little trickier like RedDogLa$er4225#Niner and you get a nice comforting response "It would take about 7 septillion years for a desktop PC to crack your password".

If How Secure Is My Password's check made you realise your passwords are weak-sauce, it's time to beef them up. Make sure to check out some of our previous guides like Your Passwords Aren't As Secure As You Think; Here's How to Fix That and how to Choose Good Security Questions and Better Answers. You'll also want to grab a password manager so you can keep track of all your awesome new passwords.

How Secure Is My Password? [via Geek Sugar]


    I forsee one problem with this. Not that anyone would be interested in an old expired password I type into the site,
    What's stopping these guys from rippping off your passwords? lol, aren't you practically handing it to them to be woven into a giant database? (Lets say if they were monitoring)

    Make sure you give it your credit card details at the same time.

    This has got to be one of the most idiotic posts at Lifehacker. It should instead be an EXPLICIT warning NOT to use that site.

    Typing your password into another site is a sure-fire way to make sure it's weak.

    It wouldn't take much for someone a hop away from this site (or at it!) to sniff IP addresses and passwords to play with.

      Then again, this site "appears" to use client side javascript, so it might be ok.

    It also fails to do any decent dictionary or variation recognition.

    'password' is a common password
    'Password1' ranks at 42 years

      He states that the site doesn't do dictionary searches...

    About 154 nonillion years



    How about this from Microsoft? Its not quite as "cool"

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