Telstra Drops Prices On A Bunch Of Smart Phones

We've already noted Telstra's price drop on the Desire today, but the Big T apparently wasn't happy to stop there: it's also now slashed post-paid pricing on a bunch of other handsets as well.

Telstra's blog lists the price cuts, which affect the Desire, Nokia N97, Xperia X10 and HD2 — all Android phones barring the Nokia model and the HD2. There's also some price cutting on the iPhone 3GS, though we can't imagine anyone really rushing for that given the imminent if unspecified launch of iPhone 4. In any event, our Android Planhacker table is definitely going to need updating RSN.

Snappy pricing unveiled on Next G smartphones [Telstra]


    My HD2 doesn't have android. Not yet anyway. :)

    (actually, I'm happy with WinMo 6.5 but that's not the point)

      D'oh! Fixed now.

    Haha yeah, I can't believe they let that antenna issue slip through. After 3 iterations of the same phone u'd think they'd have it right by now! But i reckon it's still the pick of the bunch man.

    Heheh, all Android models except half of them.

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