TechLines: Email Is Dead: A Special Lifehacker Event

Are email's best years already behind it? Or is it evolving to maintain its place at the heart of business communications? We're hosting a special event to tackle the future of communication, featuring a lineup of heavyweight panelists to tackle the subject head on. You'll be able to watch the event online, or win one of the exclusive seats in the live audience.

Even before social networking tools exploded onto the scene, a lot of us have suffered through workplace abuse of email and wondered if there is a better way to actually, you know, get things done. But so far there isn't anything obvious that could take email's place. As our communication needs evolve it may be that email remains the hub while other software tools work to enhance its effectiveness. But which tools do we really need, and which ones are just distractions?

On Thursday August 12 at midday, the 'Email is Dead' panel discussion will be streamed live online here on Lifehacker. We'll also be giving readers the chance to be at the live event through a series of posts asking you for insightful comments and blog posts of your own.

We'll be discussing this TechLines event regularly over the coming two weeks to explore the key issues of modern communication, and offering you a chance to get your thoughts and questions in front of the panel. Who's on the panel? That'll be in the very next post . . .


    Cool, sounds like Byteside rising from the dead, is Seamus involved?

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