Restore The Colour Of Old LEGO Bricks

We've been known to break out the LEGO every once in a while for fun DIY projects, but if all your LEGO is old and discoloured, here's how to get it looking like new.

Due to a fire retardant in the plastic LEGO is made from, it tends to yellow quite a bit over time — which isn't ideal if you're building a dock to match your white iPod. Blogger Smitty noticed this problem and created a site dedicated to re-engineering previously mentioned Retr0bright, often used for computer-case restoring, for use with his LEGO bricks.

The general process isn't too difficult; you'll just need a bit of hydrogen peroxide, glycerine, vegetable gum and some OxiClean. With those ingredients, you can create a gel that, when applied to the bricks and left out in the sun for a few days, will restore them to their original shiny colour. Hit the link for step-by-step instructions, and share your favourite uses for (restored) LEGO in the comments.

Lego Restoration [via Make]


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