Repurpose An Old Washing Machine As A Backyard Fire Pit

Want a backyard fire pit but would like something more unique than your basic fire pit DIY? Check out how a clever user at DIY site Instructables made an attractive fire pit from a stainless steel washing machine drum.

Found in some front-loading washing machines, the stainless steel drum used to build this fire pit is attractive and effective. The entire build was improvised from recycled parts, but you can use it as a nice starting point for your own, similar DIY. Head over to the full post at Instructables for details.

Stainless Steel Garden Incinerator - Patio Heater from recycled scrap. [Instructables via Curbly]


    This really is one of the best ways to make a fire barrel. I prefer the old top loaders as they generally dont have a fat lipped rim on the top of them. Also you can use the entire base of the washing machine for a very sturdy fire barrel base without the need to source the legs yourself.

    Been doing this for years... It works really well because of the tiny holes in the side which let in the air. The trick is to have it raised of the ground on steel legs or some bricks

      This has been a yearly feature at the Annual Court BBQ since at least 1980... GOLD

        We've been doing that too. Our one rusted through after 4 years. Looking for a washing machine on the nature strip to grab.

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