Rent Reviews Lets You Rate Rental Properties

The cycle of trying to find a place to rent is stressful — either there's a mad rush for people to apply or you're left wondering why the place has been empty for a year. Rent Reviews lets you detail your experiences applying for properties and how you've found places you've rented in the past so other potential tenants can learn from your experience.

Although Rent Reviews lets you rate previous properties, there aren't a lot of reviews from current tenants. This is unsurprising: who wants to piss off their landlord by saying "I live here and the owner sucks"? (While the site allows anonymous reviews, it would be fairly easy for any landlord to work out who had submitted a comment).

The emphasis so far appears to be on describing the rental application process, identifying quirks with particular properties and undesirable potential landlord behaviours. The coverage isn't really broad yet, but it's an interesting idea.

Rent Reviews


    It looks like a really good idea and well presented site that unfortunately fails on a critical aspect of design.

    It would be interesting (and far more useful) to aggregate reviews by agent/landlord instead of property. Of the rare sour experience I've had renting, I'm pretty sure some agents would have a string of poor reviews, whereas others will positively glow.

    I agree with the statement on aggregation,but I think in the future it will grow to have more detailed information like that, I suspect right now it's difficult to aggregate.

    I think this kind of site is wonderful, especially in this day and age where landlords are really taking renters for a ride. It's a shame it had to be set up by a private person/company rather then a consumer group or government body, this kind of feedback is really needed and needs to be made public, hopefully then our politicians will stand up and take notice of the crap rental system that's evolved in this country.

      The site can't aggregate data it isn't capturing (ie landlord/agent).

    So once landlords/agents get wind of this they can just keep an eye on their properties and make note of tenants that leave bad reviews. Not too bad for private landlords but could get sticky when you're with a large agency that you will most likely rent through again in the future.

      a new rental review site has been launched with more protection for a tenant and the review is usually completed as the tennant leaves. It looks very promising see

    These guys still around?

      No, site doesn't seem to exist anymore. Not really surprise, would have been fairly easy to spam.
      Pity as I use that site. :(

        Good news - a new rental reivew has been lauched and it looks very promising see

    That website seems to be down.. found a brand new one just added a rental review in there and it was pretty easy to use. i have used. Only new however easy to access. Putting all my past places on there

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