QuickCal Adds Calendar Events With Natural Language On iPhones

iPhone/iPod touch: QuickCal, a smart appointment-making app that understands exactly what "Lunch at noon tomorrow at Swifty's for 45 minutes" means, is now available in the App Store. It worked wonders as an OS X widget, and definitely survives the mobile transition.

QuickCal integrates with the calendar on your device, which you can then sync to Google Calendar for greater access. On the whole, QuickCal is a much nicer way to put events into your schedule. It understands the who, what, where and when of your appointments, makes contacts and phone numbers easy to dial from the app, and shows you what it's about to enter in as you're typing out plain text. It lacks for an iPad-specific version at the moment but, man, that will likely be nice when it arrives.

QuickCal Mobile is a $1.19 download for iPhones and iPod touch models.

QuickCal Mobile [iTunes App Store]


    admittedly i haven't tried this - but it sounds very similiar to a zillion other iphone apps that hook into google accounts.

    Better still, set up your gmail/google apps account as an exchange account on iphone and get the same thing.

    having bought several apps that hook into google apps/gmail accounts, the only ones worth buying are those that support multiple user accounts (my google apps calendar + other half's google apps calendar - and vice versa for her), such as CalenGoo.

    Otherwise this is just an ad for app that is not particularly innovative.

    Just downloaded it for atrial, and it doens;t appear to have the Location feature described in the video...otherwise, its kinda kewl...dont think it would ever replace the iphone calender app, because the screen is just too cluttered, but certainly an easy way to get stuff into your calender...

    Aha...just went to the developer's website and it is a feature that is not available to the next release.... Doh!

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