Quanp Is A Feature-Rich Cloud-Based Storage Solution

Quanp Is A Feature-Rich Cloud-Based Storage Solution

You won’t find a shortage of places to store files online but if you’re looking for simple drag and drop uploading, 3D file browsing, and easy sharing, the pool narrows rapidly. Quanp is a cloud-based storage solution with features to spare.

Quanp offers 10GB of free storage coupled with a desktop, web and iPhone application for uploading and accessing your data. The in addition to the full desktop client is the an Adobe Air widget that functions as a file drop zone. Anything dumped onto the icon — seen in the screenshot above — is automatically uploaded to your account. iPhone users can upload video, photos and voice memos as well as other files off their iPhones.

The 3D file browsing, in comparison to the well designed clients and widgets, is mostly eye candy but it’s certainly fun to play with. Visit the link below to sign up for a free Quanp account and start easily uploading and sharing files between your devices and with your friends.

Quanp [via MakeUseOf]


  • Look interesting – Will check it out – but the name is hard to remember and quanp.com goes to the Japanese version – you have to use us.quanp.net even harder to remember 🙂

  • Honestly for cloud storage solutions, I think that it’s really important to take a look at the alterntives. There are quite a lot of online storage providers that are free up to a certain space limit that may be just as good as this one is, although I do have to agree that if there’s connectivity across different platforms that it does have quite a fair bit of advantage over other applications. They’ve got to be quite big if they want to make it big in the industry though. I’d think Dropbox and other companies have already secure their shres of the market!

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