Opera 10.6 Final Adds Built-In AVG Malware Protection To Speedy Browser

Windows/Mac/Linux: Opera caught us by surprise by including faster JavaScript handling than Chrome in its 10.5 browser. In 10.6, there's even faster performance, plus greater HTML5 and WebM video support, a streamlined menu button, geo-location and more search engines included by default.

We've been following Opera 10.6 through its fast-moving development, from alpha to latest speed tests, and while (possibly!) working on a new set, we can say that Opera remains a fast-loading, quick-moving browser on both Windows and Mac.

Opera 10.6 is a free download for Windows, Mac and Linux systems. Tell us what we missed as you use it yourself in the comments.

What is faster than the fastest? [Opera]


    That's interesting, they completely skipped 10.5 for Linux

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