NBN Extended To New Locations

So far, the National Broadband Network (NBN) is only operational in Tasmania, though that hasn't stopped some pretty fierce competition over service pricing. The next 19 locations to get new or enhanced NBN rollouts have just been announced by NBNCo, stretching out across most every state and territory.

The 14 new locations are Riverstone and Coffs Harbour in NSW; Bacchus Marsh and South Morang in Victoria; inner north Brisbane, Springfield Lakes and Toowoomba in Queensland; Gungahlin in the ACT; Modbury and Prospect in South Australia; Victoria Park, Geraldton and Mandurah in WA; and Casuarina in the Northern Territory. Existing rollouts will be enhanced in Kiama, Townsville, Armidale, Brunswick and Willunga.

While the locations have been announced, construction works won't start in most instances until the second quarter of 2011. We always knew the NBN was going to be a long-term project.

NBNCo [via Gizmodo]


    *notices her area on the list*

    *dances around a little*


    Finally, Coffs Harbour gets something!
    We probably got it because of the university.

    Ok everybody, time to make sure the Ranga stays in office, or this rollout will stop dead in it's track's (Toowoomba's on the list - "Yeay")

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