Makes Mixing, Sharing Relaxing Tracks Simple is a nature-sound mixing board that not only lets you mix together sounds but share and download them too.

You can pick from a variety of different sounds including animals like frogs and crickets, various birds and even lemurs, as well as more traditional sounds like rain, waves crashing on a beach and the crackle of a campfire. You can mix up to four sounds together adjusting the intensity of each sound to your liking.

What really makes stand out from other nature sound websites is that you can save your mixes, name them and share them with friends. We whipped up two compositions for you while we were testing the service, Distant Thunderstorms Heard From a Relaxing Seaside Fire and the much stranger Lemur's Mating on the Beach. If you're not interested in sharing but you'd still like a copy of your creation to use offline, you can also export your mix as a .WAV file. is a free service and requires no registration. For more soothing ambient sounds make sure to check out previously reviewed RainyMood, Buddha Machine and White Noise. Have a favourite nature-sounds tool to share? Let's hear about it in the comments. [via Unplggd]


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