National Library Wants 2010 Election Pamphlets

We've already mentioned the excellent as a resource to share election 2010 pamphlets and other marketing materials, but the National Library of Australia is collecting the actual physical documents as part of its role in documenting Australian history. Hit the link for details of how you can help out by mailing election ephemera to the library. [NLA]


    We ( also have an agreement with the National Library where all physical leaflets sent to us will be archived with the National Library after the election.

    See "Can I send you leaflets by post?" on

    So, get the best of both worlds and send us physical leaflets and they'll go up on the Election Leaflets website as soon as possible and then they'll be archived for posterity and research for future generations at the National Library.

    Also, our website is to be archived digitally by the National Library through their Pandora project.

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