Mozo Rewards Revealer Analyses Credit Card Rewards Plans

Mozo Rewards Revealer Analyses Credit Card Rewards Plans

Credit card companies offer a huge range of rewards schemes, making it tricky to find one that matches your needs. The Rewards Revealer tool on the Mozo site identifies credit cards which match your needs, based on how much you spend annually on your credit card and the kind of rewards you want.

Mozo’s analysis reinforces a point we’ve made here time and again: It’s really hard to get a lot of value from many rewards schemes. If you spend $14,000 a year on your card (the Australian average), only two cards in Mozo’s list offered more than $100 in value. Perhaps more tellingly, 15 of the cards cost more in annual fees than you could make back in rewards. Given that you’ll probably need a credit card anyway, having rewards schemes can be a useful bonus, but using it as the main reason to choose a card might well prove to be poor logic.

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  • Re card rewards..
    As a former American Express Goldcard holder of many decades, I cancelled primary and one supplementary card due to rising annual costs.
    i.e $130 per yr card renewal fee; $80 per yr membership rewards fee.
    Add to this the extra 2% to 3% added to the cost of your purchase at many outlets when presented with an Amex card…certainly not a good card!

    • I disagree- AMEX can be an excellent option if you choose the right access package.
      I have a gold card and it has nil annual fee and nil rewards fee and nil supplementary card fee. A lot of professional groups can offer this deal.

  • Not A comprehensive list!
    Flybuys & Source Master card are not on the list.
    E.g. each $3,125 = $20 Coles gift card (4 points per $5 spent) catch is that it needs to be spent at Flybuys stores. Subtract the $0/year fee and with 55 days interest free.
    $3,125 / 52 weeks = $60 a week (groceries alone?)

    (3 points per $5 for fuel at Coles express also) not inc in the example. If you do both you also get 4cents extra off per liter (4 + 4 = 8) (25L = $2 (assume a week) is $104 saved)

    Reward programs are only good if they go towards something you would use. (i.e. Myer or David Jones gift cards are not exactly value for money stores)

    ANZ First ($30 (if anz account $26 I think) Plus Sphere reward program $22 = $52 (or $48)/year
    $12,300 (1pt per $1.5) = 8200 points = $50 Coles gift card
    $2 loss (or $2 saving) (I’m a bit better off on this as I signed up for the card years ago when they offered No annual fee ever)

    $14K on a credit card can be done easily if you use your card to pay a bill and transfer the money to your card at the same time. (if your not good with money)

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