Move Your Tabs To The Side In Google Chrome For Widescreen-Friendly Browsing

Move Your Tabs To The Side In Google Chrome For Widescreen-Friendly Browsing

If you’re a widescreen lover who’d prefer the browser to take up fewer vertical pixels and are happy to sacrifice a few horizontally to your tabs, Chrome’s new side tabs feature (available in the Dev channel) is a nice option.

The eagle-eyed Chrome watchers at Download Squad and gHacks noticed that earlier today, the side tabs feature was added to the latest Chrome Dev channel release; you just need to add the --enable-vertical-tabs in your Chrome shortcut to enable them. Here’s how:

You’ll notice that when you toggle side tabs, Chrome sometimes hiccups in rendering the new view. Simply resizing your window should redraw the interface and fix the hiccup. Firefox extension Tree Style Tab accomplishes something similar for the Firefox crowd, but the functionality is on its way to getting baked in by default in Chrome.

[via gHacks Download Squad]


  • Hmmm. . . not a fan. Nor of the Firefox version.
    Takes up a hell of a lot more room down the side than it does up top.
    And if youve only got a few tabs open then theres all the dead space below the tabs.

    What needs to happen is the taps need to be the same as they are along the top, but turned 90 degrees and put down the side.
    Like tabs in a diary or something.
    Would be much neater and take up much less space.

  • needs some work… it renders funny even after the resize and doesn’t have +tab button, plus takes up more screen real estate for the reason mentioned above. Would be nice if it was customizable.

  • Thanks for the article. I’m always looking to maximise my browsers vertical space without removing functionality. So I found Tree Style Tab to be quite handy.

    Since most sites are fixed width & centered the loss of some horizontal space doesn’t affect browsing on my widescreen monitor.

  • Vertical tabs not work anymore but there is more interesting solution now for this problem in Chrome.

    Check TabsOutliner extension.

    It will give you vertical desktop sidebar with full list of all open windows and tabs. This work much better and logically than wasteful sidebar for every Chrome window (especially when only several tabs present).

    It is also has TreeStyleTab feature (must be enabled in options, off by default), and many more really needed things for any tab addict (like possibility to save tabs/windows, manage session, crash recovering, adding notes to tabs and many more).

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