More Than Two Hours Of Daily TV, Video Game Time Can Cause Attention Problems

Researchers studying primary school students and university graduates have found those playing video games or watching TV for more than two hours per day were roughly twice as likely to have significant attention problems. If only they'd measured internet use, too.

Photo by Stephen Edgar - Netweb.

Iowa State researchers studied 1323 third, fourth or fifth graders, along with 210 university students. Each group reported their own television and video game use and attention problems, but teachers and parents also provided input on the younger group.

The study found that those subjects who exceeded the American Academy of Paediatrics' recommended video game and television limits of two hours per day were "about 1.6 times to 2.2 times more likely to have greater than average attention problems".

The researchers' self-stated conclusion is that video games need to be included in factoring in children and young adults' total screen time for attention span research. Our conclusion, after thumbing back through our distractions? Modern computing and office multi-tasking should be included in future studies too.

Have you noticed greater attention problems in yourself or others who hit the screen pretty hard each day? Does it seem odd that honing in on one game for two hours per day can seemingly lead to focus problems?

Greater attention span problems reported when exceeding TV and video game viewing guidelines [Examiner via Kotaku]


    I live my life on the Internet, and I sometimes forget things as soon as they get said to me, or even forget someones name I just met, even when I try really hard to remember.

    So I am guessing I should get off it above. I am second year at Uni.

    I noticed attention problems in my friend with an iphone.

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