Middle-Click Browser History Buttons To Go Back Or Forward In New Tabs

Quick browser tip: Everybody knows middle-clicking links in modern browsers will open the link in a new tab. Reader Landon Roberts points out that the same middle-click works on your forward and back buttons.

Most people know that clicking the middle mouse button on a link will open the link up in a new tab, but this trick also works on the "back" and "forward" buttons in the browser as well.

I verified this on Firefox and Chrome (though on Chrome for Mac it supports Cmd+Click but not middle-click), and it's particularly handy if you click through on something then decide you want the source open in another tab too. The other nice thing is that both tabs retain the history thread, so you can continue going back in your browser in one tab while you stay on a page in another.


    Wow, it's so.... simple!! I wonder why I've never tried this before?

    I can't believe people didn't know about this! You can also middle-click bookmarks, the home button, basically anything that when clicked navigates the browser can be middle-clicked to open in a new tab.

    In firefox middle clicking the actual tab closes it... but everyone probably already knows that.

      chrome too
      thanks for making me close a tab i was going to read....

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