Make Your Own Rechargeable, Water-Powered Battery

We've covered how to make a beer battery before, but if you've yet to get into the home brewing scene, you can make a smaller battery with a copper rod and a bit of water or vinegar.

Besides the rod and your liquid of choice, you'll also need a bit of aluminium foil, some wire, and a small cylindrical container in which to hold it all. As far as tools go, you'll just need some basics: scissors, pliers, and a glue gun. It's a fairly easy set-up to put together, and what's even better is that you can recharge it after it dies just by refilling the water. It won't power anything too gargantuan, but if you're sick of buying AAs all the time, it's a nice, rechargeable solution for a small calculator or something similar. Hit the link for the full instructions.

Water Powered Calculator [Instructables]


    Just an fyi, but this battery isn't rechargable. The copper and aluminium electrodes will be slowly consumed by the electrochemical reaction that's powering the cell. Once they are gone, no more electricity. The reason you need to replace the water is that it's a bad electrolyte that will get contaminated easily or just dry out.

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