Lunchtime Wrap: Text Capture & Filter Politics

Didn't catch Lifehacker on Tuesday? Here's the best posts you missed.

The Holy Grail Of Ubiquitous Plain-Text Capture Despite all the cool productivity porn modern technology has birthed, the Holy Grail for me is simple: I want to create and edit plain text from anywhere (desktop/tablet/phone), and I want the results to sync flawlessly between devices. And now I can.

Will The Filter Influence Your Election Vote? Despite being deferred, mandatory filtering remains a key government policy and one that’s likely to feature heavily in tech-centric discussions of the forthcoming election. But will it make a difference to your vote?

Testing Qantas’ In-Seat Economy Power In our round-up of how to make the most of in seat power, I wrote that no domestic flights yet offer in-seat power for economy customers. Well, I stand corrected: the very same day that column got published, I flew on a Qantas A330-200 from Perth to Sydney that offered in-seat power even in the cheap seats.

There’s A Python Hiding At The Movies If you see a high-tech flick, you might critique the CGI but you’re unlikely to think about the programming language used to write the software. But it turns out that being able to write code is an increasingly common requirement when working in the movies.


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