Lunchtime Wrap: Naked DSL & Speed Tests

Didn't catch Lifehacker over the weekend? Here's the best posts you missed.

Planhacker: Complete Australian Naked DSL Guide Naked DSL saves you paying for line rental on a home phone you probably never use. Find the best deal with our comprehensive roundup of naked DSL options.

Hack Airline Headphones To Work With Any Device Many airlines use double-pronged headlines so you’re not tempted to waltz off the plane with them. But if you forget your own headphones and want to use a double-pronged model with your iPod or mobile phone, Lifehacker reader Joel explains how you can adapt them with some basic electrical nous — and a little chewing gum.

Browser Speed Tests: The Latest Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari — On A Mac Many readers have asked us to replicate our browser speed tests on a Mac, to see the difference in platforms and performance. So we snagged a new MacBook Pro when nobody was looking and tested the latest browsers on it.

Get Things Done At A Coffee Shop Without Annoying Everyone Om Malik is the founder of the growing GigaOM blog network, and he launched it all from a Starbucks. Malik offers up his well-worn tips on being productive, but not incredibly annoying, in a coffee shop.


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