Lunchtime Wrap: Mobile Note Taking & Torture Tests

Didn't catch Lifehacker on Monday? Here's the best posts you missed.

Five Best Mobile Note Taking Tools The explosion of mobile phones has made them a nearly constant companion for many people. It’s only natural an ever-present device would become a favourite note taking and ubiquitous capture tool. Today we look at five popular note taking tools.

Road Worrier’s Train Torture Test Challenges Perth For daily commuters, having access to a decent 3G broadband service can make the trip more productive. Road Worrier tests how well Telstra’s Next G network performs across all five of Perth’s railway lines.

Mastercheap Day 2: Keeping Up The Energy The Mastercheap challenge reaches its second day, and I’m faced head-on with the issue of getting enough energy.

Use Blu Tack And Other Oddities To Keep Printers Running Much of what happens on modern printers is determined in software, but there’s still plenty that can physically go wrong with them. One Lifehacker reader got their office printer working again using nothing more than a little Blu Tack.


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