Lunchtime Wrap: Media Centres & Mastercheap

Didn't catch Lifehacker over the weekend? Here's the best posts you missed.

Planhacker: Complete Australian BYO Prepaid Cap Guide Thinking about an iPhone 4 but don’t want to sign up for a contract? We’ve rounded up the available BYO cap deals so you can find the best no-strings plan for your shiny new phone.

Set Up A Fully Automated, Torrent-Seeding Media Centre We’ve featured a fully automated media centre set-up before, but Lifehacker reader Andre has improved on these methods, allowing you to download torrents to your media centre while still seeding them to others.

Mastercheap Day 7: Finishing On A High I square up to the final day of Mastercheap. It’s a potentially tough thing to do on a Friday.

Mastercheap Day 6: Eye On The Pie Today’s Mastercheap menu includes fried eggs and a meat pie. Surprisingly, that doesn’t completely blow out the energy totals.


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