Lunchtime Wrap: iPhone 4 Plans & TechLines

Didn't catch Lifehacker on Wednesday? Here's the best posts you missed.

Planhacker: Complete Australian iPhone 4 Plan Guide All the carrier plans for iPhone 4 are out ahead of Friday’s Australian launch, but which plans offer the most data, the best SMS rates or the most attractive extras? Find out with our comprehensive Planhacker guide, listing every iPhone 4 contract plan in one handy table.

TechLines: Email is Dead: A Special Lifehacker Event Are email’s best years already behind it? Or is it evolving to maintain its place at the heart of business communications? We’re hosting a special event to tackle the future of communication, featuring a lineup of heavyweight panelists to tackle the subject head on. You’ll be able to watch the event online, or win one of the exclusive seats in the live audience.

How To Rebuild Your Attention Span And Focus Most people who click on this article won’t finish reading it. So says Nick Carr. The New York Times will remind you that you’ll probably forget it in a few minutes. This idea’s so prevalent, even the Onion has started taking jabs.

Why Telstra’s $18 Million Fine Is An Election Issue The dominant technology issue of the election so far has been internet filtering. However, an $18 million fine imposed on Telstra is a reminder that Labor and Liberal parties both have very different views of the telecommunications industry, particularly on whether we need the National Broadband Network.


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