Lunchtime Wrap: iPhone 4 Plans & Facebook Security

Lunchtime Wrap: iPhone 4 Plans & Facebook Security

Didn’t catch Lifehacker on Thursday? Here’s the best posts you missed.

Planhacker: Updated Australian iPhone 4 Plan Guide
Since we ran the first version of this guide, Virgin Mobile has released its plans and Telstra has increased its data limits. We’re on the case with an updated version of our comprehensive Planhacker guide, listing every iPhone 4 contract plan in one handy table.

Facebook’s Security Slackness: A Cautionary Tale
With 500 million users offering up reams of personal data and ever-shifting and confusing privacy policies, Facebook is a tempting target for phishing and other nefarious activities. And it’s no wonder given the company’s attitude to security. When hackers find vulnerabilities in the service, don’t expect any help from Facebook, which has adopted a “blame the user” mentality that refuses to acknowledge any possibility of a flaw in its own infrastructure.

The Best Time-Saving AutoHotkey Tricks You Should Be Using
It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of using the AutoHotkey scripting language, and we use it religiously to automate Windows tasks and save time. Here’s a handful of useful scripts and tricks to help you become an AutoHotkey expert.

How Stephen Fry Used Audio Books To Lose Weight
Author, performer technology enthusiast and Twitter guru Steven Fry doesn’t just use technology to enhance his working life — he’s also taken up listening to audio books as a means of losing weight.

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