Lunchtime Wrap: iPhone 4 & Mastercheap

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Mastercheap Day 1: Measuring Up To The Task The Mastercheap challenge kicks off with a frenzy of measurement and advance preparation. Here’s what I ate on day 1.

Australian iPhone 4 Release Set For July 30 During its press conference to announce it would give free cases to iPhone 4 owners to help deal with the phone’s reception issues, Apple also talked about release plans for the phone internationally. Australia was included on a slide with July 30 as the release date.

Top 10 Tips For Surviving Office Life The modern office isn’t quite a wretched hive of scum and villainy, but it’s not always pleasant, either. If your workspace, your co-workers,or your sinking feeling of not getting anything done needs fixing, here are 10 possible remedies.

Mastercheap: Would Aldi Make A Difference? Since I announced the Mastercheap project and revealed my shopping list, there’s been a steady stream of comments suggesting that I could have gotten myself a much better deal by shopping at Aldi. While there’s no denying the chain’s low pricing, for the purposes of this project Aldi doesn’t scrub up any better than its rivals.

Planhacker: Complete Australian BlackBerry Guide It’s often seen as the phone of corporate stooges, but BlackBerry’s peerless email integration and keyboard make it a valuable productivity tool. Get the best BlackBerry deals with our comprehensive guide to what’s on offer in Australia.


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