Lunchtime Wrap: Firefox 4 & Email Annoyances

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The Worst Email Habits, Annoyances You Should Avoid (Or At Least Be Aware Of) Email signatures might be more annoying than you think, but we all experience plenty more gaffes, annoyances and misfires in our inbox. We asked our savvy readers to share their biggest email annoyances, and here’s what they said.

First Look At The Improved And Redesigned Firefox 4 Mozilla today released the first beta build of Firefox 4, complete with a new look, new features and support for more HTML5 specs. Here’s a quick screenshot tour of how it’s shaping up.

When Android 2.2 Will Hit Your Phone In Australia Android 2.2 (aka Froyo) has plenty of great features, but with existing Android phones in Australia running on a wide range of versions, finding out when (or if) you’ll get an upgrade can be tricky. Fortunately, Jenna Pitcher at Delimiter has a pretty comprehensive roundup of when 2.2 will be distributed by Australian carriers.

Set Up Google News Email Alerts Google recently revamped its News search site and made it easier to customise, but one of its most useful features — setting up alerts for topics of interest — remains much the same. Here’s how to set up a regular alert from the service on your favourite topics.


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