Lunchtime Wrap: Email Backup & Laptop Cooling

Didn't catch Lifehacker on Wednesday? Here's the best posts you missed.

Back Up Your Email Account By Forwarding To Gmail Mammoth free storage and easy organisational tools makes Gmail the perfect candidate for backing up your existing email account. Here’s how to use auto-forwarding to create a searchable archive of your incoming email.

Mastercheap Day 4: Psychology & Plating Here’s a newsflash for everyone who keeps asking: I really, truly, absolutely am not starving on the Mastercheap menu.

Laptop Cooling Pads Improve Comfort, Not Laptop Longevity If you’re tired of your thighs feeling like they’re in a slow cooker, by all means, buy a laptop cooling pad with or without a USB-powered fan. But don’t buy the argument that they’ll extend your laptop’s life.

No-One Seems To Have Stopped Shopping At Woolworths When Woolworths announced plans to stop accepting debit credit cards, one of the most common reactions amongst commenters was “I’m going to shift my shopping somewhere else!” But if Woolworths’ quarterly results are any guide, very few people made good on that threat.


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